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IoT Living Lab

Smart Citizens are making Smart Cities by working together in solving challenges their communities are facing. The IoT Living Lab promotes IoT interactivity in public spaces to encourage citizens and cities in testing and prototyping innovations. The new project ‘the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab’ extends this effective bottom-up approach globally.

Cities need effective solutions that communities can co-create quickly and economically. Smart, creative and passionate citizens should be given access to testing environments and supported when coming up with these effective solutions. Solutions with a positive impact and visible results are being co-developed by initiatives in the IoT living lab environments. The goal of IoT Living Lab is to work on IoT infrastructure solutions, actionable open data and developer friendly platforms for upcoming IoT innovations. This stimulates the creation of new start-ups and mobile applications making a rapid impact on the local economy.

By using Beacons, iBeacons, sensors and LoRa (long range) wireless networks, the IoT Living Lab accelerates smart citizen solutions. The Living Lab is open and implemented in public spaces. It provides access to developers and solution providers to test next generation interactive mobile applications.

Since early 2015 we connected with hundreds of Smart Citizens during meetups, workshops, hackathons, challenges, research projects and city pilots using open interactive public spaces. This resulted in multiple physical prototypes and valuable solutions across industries. A good example is an app that was designed for SAIL Amsterdam 2015. The app (over 80.000 downloads) provided real-time information for emergency services to see how people moved through the city and it created over 2.3 million beacon-enabled interactions.
Another example; Smart parking signs. Delivery trucks can reserve a time slot for (un)loading goods, this way they will not have to worry about finding a spot, and they can wait in a more suitable location if there are no spots available, instead of driving around all the time. This system increases efficiency and therefore less congestion in the city center. Utrecht and Amsterdam are already running pilots.
We are looking for cities who want to create and share bottom-up, community driven solutions with their citizens using the IoT Living Lab co-creation approach.
Want to try it yourself?
Starting January 2018, join our 9 month innovation exchange program.  Accelerate by using the IoT Living Lab approach, create community driven solutions and improve people’s lives in your city.
IoT Living Lab
Paul Manwaring
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IoT Living Lab Member about the IoT Olympics
Partners involved in this project:
City of Amsterdam / ODINE Open Data Incubator Europe / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment / Technolution B.V. / Tapp B.V. / Makerversity Amsterdam
Amsterdam IoT Exchange Lab / Amsterdam Economic Board